Bruno Beger conducting anthropometric studies in Sikkim, India, 1938

Tadeusz Łapiński (ur. 1928 r.) / SUIT TWIGHLIGHT 1962

Photograph of Nikola Tesla with phosphorescent light bulb (Nikola Tesla, 1894).

Franciszek Starowieyski (1930-2009)

Samburu cattle herder at sunset, Kenya photo by Mirella Ricciardi; Vanishing Africa series, 

Taisha Shrine Stones, Kyoto, Japan.  

Imprisoned at Landsberg, 1924.

A close encounter with a Grey from Eaglehawk and Crow: A Study of the Australian Aborigines by John Mathew, 1899.


She rose slowly to her feet, crossed to where her sister sat with Sir Arthur some yards away, said something in a low voice, and walked slowly across the grass toward the house. Though Anthony could see that she only attained movement by a great effort of will, the grace of her carriage gave him a…


Abkhazian man

Archer with pike and axe, Mongolia circa 1889
Liberalism is the exoteric religion of the financial oligarchs, the high priests of Mammon who rule the West. Appealing to the vanity and self-regard of the profane, they manufacture consent by way of elections, propaganda and all manner of distractive spectacle. Manipulation of the popular consciousness, a black art honed to new levels of refinement over the last century, is now accomplished through electronic memes and quite literal programming in television, music and film. An inverted hierarchy will promote inverted values. Who among us today honors saints and warriors past as heroes worthy of our emulation? Under the usury bankster regime, we instead offer adoration to the savage and the harlot.

Mark Hackard, from ‘Counterfeit Paradise” (via heartbloodspirit)

More savage and harlot shaming, please.

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Vilhelm Hammershoi Woman Reading in the Sunlight
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