"The life thou seekest thou shalt never find. When the gods created man, they gave him Death. Life they kept in their own hands." - Epic of Gilgamesh

I love that far right is so sketchy and unpopular that they have to change what the call it every few decades





Identitarianism is the new word for fascist all the hip young book reader type people who are probably trying to avoid being called nazis are using. And, please, let me know if you if you identitarianism-ify so I can…

So you’re option 2.
I’d like to spearhead the First Nations Identitarian movement because we must protect and preserve the traditional values of the invaded territory being called North America. If we’re successful you’ll have a lot more whites in Europe to join your movement soon. I’d love to see other Identitarian movements for blacks in South Africa, Indigenous people’s in New Zealand and Australia and basically anywhere in the world Europe has colonized.
Now, before you say, “Wait, Europe has been colonizing for such a long time, hundreds of years! These immigrants destroying European culture are a new phenomenon!” Shut up and read a book that wasn’t written by a white supremacist. European culture has been so severely and obviously influenced by cultures from Africa and the Middle East (as well as The Far East to a lesser extent) for millennia.
That being said, Europeans being into their cultures is great, you know, while acknowledging the contributions of other cultures and the global colonization that lead to the destruction of many cultures and economies and the subsequent larger scale of immigration that Europe is seeing.

Black and white argumentation will do you no good here, please understand that there are indeed other options beyond not understanding an idea or being a fascist, and this is certainly not the first time that canard’s been used against me. I’m afraid you’re also putting words into my mouth, I’m a supporter of Identitarianism for any ethnicity across the world, because its the only way that true genetic diversity can be preserved, otherwise we’d be a single, uniform mass without anything to differentiate us. You also seem to assume that I deny that European culture was influenced by any outside force, when did I say that? Regardless, how does this detract from my stance? North Africans were influenced by Islam, Slavs by Tatars, Buddhists by the Greeks, and so on; does that mean that those separate cultures do not exist? The issue here is a global one, we’re already aware of how many distinct ethnicities have died out from the 19th century to today, and this is precisely because of economic globalization (e.g. unchecked mass immigration, loss of tradition, disastrous economic policy).

The threat here is that a single standard is being placed on the entire world in the interest of short-term economic gain. How many indigenous tribes have been displaced in Brazil for lumber? How many ethnic minorities are chased out of their ancestral villages in the Middle East in the midst of oil wars? Europeans face a similar crisis, albeit in a much more subtle manner. Essentially, this is a centuries-old trend that has continued to progressively worsen and affect a wider range of people. I believe your mistake here is that you assume that it’s a matter of supremacy, I don’t believe that it is, it’s a matter of self-preservation.